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Roam-Excalidraw Plugin MVP Release


Roam-Excalidraw Roadma
I am releasing the MVP version of the Roam-Excalidraw Plugin. Over the past two weeks, I have been super focused on getting to this point. As a consequence, this post is going to be shorter and more utilitarian than usual. I had to make a choice whether to release the plugin this weekend or to write a detailed blog post. I opted for the first. I have a detailed article showcasing Excalidraw features here. Be sure to check that out, there are a number of features I do not cover in today's video.

Please note this is a Minimum Viable Product version of the plugin. It is bound to have bugs. I hope none of them will cause you a major headache. I did my best to debug and stabilize the solution. BUT AS WITH ALL BETA SOFTWARE, PLEASE FIRST MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ROAM GRAPH IN EDN FORMAT BEFORE LOADING THIS PLUGIN - and while you are there, set up the automatic backup that is now available in Roam. I don't expect anything bad to happen, but the devil has a tendency of not sleeping. 

This past month was one big rollercoaster ride! A month ago, almost exactly to this day, I started my journey learning roam/render and Clojure. You can find a not-so-exciting Video Blog of my first nine days learning roam/render here, and a detailed article I posted two weeks ago about using roam/render here. I wouldn't have believed that I will be integrating Excalidraw into Roam using Clojure when I started this journey. 

I want to take the opportunity to thank @Conaw@aakansha1216@Vjeux@dwelle@Roamhacker@kvistgaard@houshuang, and many others for assisting me along the ride by answering my silly questions, providing ideas, helping debug the application, and testing. I wouldn't have been able to deliver this plugin without your help!

Here's a short video that introduces the plug-in.

To install the plugin, simply copy the following code into Roam, nesting it under a {{[[roam/js]]}} block. You can create a code block using the / menu by tying "/Javascript Code Block". Then you can copy the code below into that. If in doubt, open the video to see how the code block should look like (note I made a little edit compared to the video by removing the "(()=>" and ")();" parts replacing it with {}. If you are facing difficulties visit the closed issues on GitHub to see solutions that worked for others.

  let s = document.createElement('script');
  s.type = 'text/javascript';
  s.src = '';
  s.async = false;

Remember, for the Excalidraw plugin to work, you need to allow custom components in the user settings menu, and you need to click Yes on the roam/js code.

You can start sketching by either using the standard roam/template I create during install, by typing ";;Excalidraw", or by typing {{roam/render: ((sketching))}} into a block and hitting enter.

Should you find bugs, or have suggestions for future features/improvements, please use this link to submit: Roam-Excalidraw-Plugin-Issues on Github. You can also find me on Twitter: @zsviczian

Enjoy sketching in Roam.

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  1. Awesome! and thank you!

    Caveat - for me, copy/pasting the js above didn't work in Roam until I stripped out the bold formatting (the "**" characters in three places). Maybe there's a better way to embed code in the blog so it's more easily re-used?

    1. Thanks - I was having the same problem until I followed your advice and stripped the ** characters out. Never would have worked that out on my own.
      Works fine now

  2. Szép munka. Nagyban emeli az Obsidian használati értékét.
    Már csak az is mutatja, milyen szépen megy fel a letöltöttség.

  3. Szép munka. Nagyban emeli az Obsidian használati értékét.
    Már csak az is mutatja, milyen szépen megy fel a letöltöttség.

  4. Hello I get this error message: Libraries have not yet loaded. Please refresh the block in a moment.

    How do I fix it


    1. Hi. Are you using Roam on a low bandwidth connection? Give it some time. The error sould fix itself once all the libraries have been downloaded. Then your browser will cache the files and it should load faster the next time around.


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