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Sketchnoting a Book in Obsidian

Yesterday I completed my first "Book on a Page" sketchnote for Storyworthy  by Matthew Dicks. This article will summarize the workflow I followed.  My approach borrows heavily from Tiago Forte's Progressive Summarization method and Doug Neil's wonderful video How to Sketchnote a Book .

Book Summary: Storyworthy

Storyworthy  is a book by Matthew Dicks about the craft of telling stories. This post is an experiment created over the course of three days. My ultimate goal was to create a single-page sketch note summary of Storyworthy. To achieve this, I first wrote a summary of the book using Tiago Forte's  Progressive Summarization  approach. I then created three one-page sketches for each of the main sections in the book. I finally distilled the three one-pagers into a single summary sketch - you'll find the single-page overview at the very end. Introduction Stories are personal narratives of change that others can relate to, and are shared with the purpose of connecting to other people. The book covers three topics: Finding stories to share. Crafting these to be engaging and entertaining with a long-lasting impact. Telling them to family, friends, or larger audiences.

Sketchnoting for PKM

I'm exploring ways to take Personal Knowledge Management to the next level. I'm learning to think more visually, integrating Excalidraw into my Obsidian knowledge graph. My drawings have become more than just illustrations. They are self-standing documents, interlinked with everything else in my PKM system.