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How Secure is Secure Enough?

Over the past few weeks I have spent many hours thinking about my personal information security requirements and discussing pros and cons with others. My goal with this article is to clarify few concepts that have surfaced in these discussions. I want to help you find your way in the jungle of information security.

Exploring Obsidian: My Second First-Impressions

It has been roughly a year since I first came across Obsidian. After careful consideration trying out Tiddly Wiki, Obsidian, Roam and TheBrain, I opted for Roam. I chose Roam because of its friction-free, browser-based user interface, its product vision and the vibrant community which I was sure will drive significant innovation - and it has! After one year, I was curious to see how Obsidian has evolved. This post will walk you through my second first-impressions comparing Obsidian to Roam.