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Obsidian Performance Test - Take 1

Imagine a database containing the full text of all the books and publications you have ever read, plus all your reading notes with links to the source paragraphs and your text highlights in the source. It also has everything you have ever written: your journal, all the articles, books, documents, and reports. Such a database would be a powerful source of knowledge. With persistence, it is possible to build this in Obsidian . But can Obsidian handle this volume of information? This post is about my attempt to understand Obsidian's performance limits. I will present my approach and findings.

Addicted to Block References
MS Office vs. Roam vs. Obsidian

Setting the stage I am leading a project to review my company’s business strategy. I want to identify projects for next year’s business plan and to create a strong link between the strategy and our projects. This will help in storytelling with the people delivering these projects and to the executives governing the strategy. This exercise has put the gap between information and knowledge management tools I use in private and available at work in the spotlight. There are four capabilities I miss most at work: backlinks, block references, tags, and a query language to work with the information.