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Showing posts from March, 2021

Roam Sex Ed

SEX IS GOOD. But as with all things, sex also has its "dark side". If you are not careful, you can get hurt. ROAM IS GOOD. I am a firm believer in Roam's vision. But as with all things... This article is about information security. While I will focus my discussion on , my points are broadly relevant in today's online/digital world.

From Idea to Project

This post is about the "intrauterine" phase of project development, about that ambiguous period between the inception of an idea and the birth of a project. It is easy to overlook the importance of early project framing because problems tend to be more noticeable during project delivery and post-go-live. However, the difference between hugely successful projects and disappointments is determined by early framing. I will show you tools to improve how you frame opportunities into projects.

Roam-Excalidraw Plugin MVP Release

  I am releasing the MVP version of the Roam-Excalidraw Plugin. Over the past two weeks, I have been super focused on getting to this point. As a consequence, this post is going to be shorter and more utilitarian than usual. I had to make a choice whether to release the plugin this weekend or to write a detailed blog post. I opted for the first.

Showcasing Excalidraw

Conor ( @Conaw ) pointed me to Excalidraw last week, and I was blown away by the tool and especially about the opportunities it opens up for  Roam Research ! It is a full-featured, embeddable sketching component ready for web integration. This post will showcase key Excalidraw features and discusses some of the issues I still need to solve to complete its integration into Roam. I spent most of my free time during the week integrating Excalidraw into Roam. This article will introduce Excalidraw by showcasing its features.