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Agile Product Management in Roam - Part 1

I spent the last week working on a Roam template for Agile Product Management. My goal is to create a step by step how-to guide and a full-featured template database, that a product development team can pick up to kick-start their process using Roam. I assume that Roam will be the only task and user story management tool used by this team, and I am developing a fully self-sustained solution built 100% around Roam's capabilities.

Deep Dive Into Roam's Data Structure - Why Roam is Much More Than a Note Taking App

Which are the longest paragraphs in your graph? Which pages did you edit or create last week? How many paragraphs of text do you have in your database in total? Which pages do you have under a given namesapece (e.g. meetings/)?

Keeping Your Notes Tidy - How do You Manage the Growing Number of Tags?

You are keeping your notes tidy to help your future self find relevant information. Note-taking systems offer many ways to organize information. One common feature of these is how easily they get out of hand.

How I Take Notes in One-on-One Meetings

In this post, I am going to walk you through how I take notes in one-on-one meetings. My approach is not rocket science, it is almost embarrassingly simple;

Evergreen Note on Note-taking Strategies and Their Practical Implementations

This is an evergreen note that I will be revisit regularly to develop a comprehensive list of note-taking approaches including their practical implementations in various software tools. This post will serve as an elaborate table of contents, including a brief introductory discussion on the importance of note-taking, followed by a high-level walkthrough of each method. Links to posts and videos with detailed examples and descriptions will follow over the coming weeks and months.

The Cost of Complexity

We live in a complex world. Our life is complex. This post will help you reflect on the cost of complexity.

Roam 42SmartBlock JavaScript Debugging

This is a quick walkthrough of two powerful approaches you can take to debug your JavaScript code in your Smart Blocks in Roam.

How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Live

Why is it that even your most honest and committed attempts to change, often lead back to the status quo? Why are outcomes so frequently pale compared to the vivid color of the aspiration? How can you avert the grip of your immunity to change? Imagine what would be possible if, for a change, you could live up to your New Year's Resolutions?