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A closer look at {{roam/render}}

Roam is like a good swiss army knife, it even has a ClojureScript development environment. I spent the past 14 days getting acquainted with {{roam/render}} . This post serves as a note-to-self, to summarize and organize what I have learned.  This post is targeted at developers and Roam hackers. If you are not in one of these camps, you will likely struggle with the content.
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Organizing Your Notes in Roam - Understanding Pages, Blocks, Tags, and Outlining

Taking notes is very simple. You take a piece of paper and jot down a few thoughts. That's it. But if it is this simple, why all the fuss? What makes quality note-taking so difficult?

How My Road Led to Roam

This post is about my note-taking journey. I cover two applications in detail, TheBrain , and Roam Research . I compare the strengths and weaknesses of these with each other and with my own note-taking needs.

Agile Product Management in Roam - Part 2

This post summarizes my learnings from the Roam Agile project. I present the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version of the Agile Development Template. Here you will find the link to the Roam EDN archive containing the template, instructions for how you can get started, YouTube videos showcasing the solution, and a link to the graph I used for my project with my backlog, user stories, sprints, daily standups, customer feedback, etc.

Agile Product Management in Roam - Part 1

I spent the last week working on a Roam template for Agile Product Management. My goal is to create a step by step how-to guide and a full-featured template database, that a product development team can pick up to kick-start their process using Roam. I assume that Roam will be the only task and user story management tool used by this team, and I am developing a fully self-sustained solution built 100% around Roam's capabilities.

Deep Dive Into Roam's Data Structure - Why Roam is Much More Than a Note Taking App

Which are the longest paragraphs in your graph? Which pages did you edit or create last week? How many paragraphs of text do you have in your database in total? Which pages do you have under a given namesapece (e.g. meetings/)?

Keeping Your Notes Tidy - How do You Manage the Growing Number of Tags?

You are keeping your notes tidy to help your future self find relevant information. Note-taking systems offer many ways to organize information. One common feature of these is how easily they get out of hand.